We are a small, independent business and love to bring sophisticated scents into your home or office. Each scent has been carefully tested by many friends and family. What we have is a limited, curated line of beautiful scents that are inspired by the area in which we live.

At Huron Candle Works, we love the country! We pour our candles in the rural town of Seaforth in Huron County, Ontario.

As we drive around the country roads, we see barns of every shape, size and colour. We see vast fields of golden wheat, rich green soybean and the  brilliant yellows of Canola. Cattle dot the landscape, creating scenes that look like beautiful Old Master, Dutch landscape paintings. All of this inspiration is combined with the careful crafting and pouring of each candle we make.

You too can get in touch with the beauty and nature of Huron County through each candle.

The “cold throw” (the unlit scent of the candle) of the candles are a subtle way to enjoy your candle just by having it next you as you read or work at your computer.

The “hot throw” is a warm and cozy scent that will bring calm and relaxing vibes to a dinner or just relaxing on the sofa with a book or watching a movie.

We hope that our candles will be a welcome addition to your home and a perfect gift for someone special.